Next Gen Solution Enabled Retail Journey

Abhiseka Mohapatra
3 min readFeb 18, 2022

Powered by T-Systems Retail Solutions

Alex who recently bought a Tesla car loves to visit T-System solution enabled store. Let’s get a closer look at why what and how this store is close to Alex’s heart. Our persona here Alex is a newly married 25 yrs. old Consultant and lives in Berlin downtown area. He is a Gen Z customer and hence very much comfortable in using technology and gets maximum benefits out of it. Alex prefers to do all his shopping on Sunday morning for the entire week.

On one Saturday evening just before Christmas Alex decides to gift an iPhone to his wife using the €500, he received as Christmas bonus. Hence, he starts browsing the website. He saw doorstep delivery time is a bit late than he expected and hence he immediately looks at other options to get the iPhone delivered. He saw it is possible to get on the next day at his nearby favorite store, in the store pickup station. He immediately decides to buy it.

On Sunday morning Alex sees his tesla car needs to get recharge. He instantly thinks of doing three things just by visiting the store. He gets into the car and reaches the store. He parks his car in the E-charging columns and plugs his car for charging and it shows it will take 1 hour to get fully charged.

With his shopping list on his mobile Alex gets into the store and he was taken aback at how busy the store was. Well then, he talks to himself -since the store is enabled with digital solutions it won’t be a problem for him.

Digital signage just before the store aisle area shows the various offers and promotions the store running for Christmas. Alex decides to buy plump cakes, few grocer items and some bottles of white wine to celebrate with his dear ones and of course, on the way back he will pick the iPhone for the special one.

He heads to the digital touchpoint and enquires the best white wines people purchasing for the festive and sees the reviews and comments on the site as well as the price point various retailers are offering. He gets overjoyed as his favorite store where he is standing now provides the best price compared to others.

In the beverage section, digital price tags show the price of the white wine along with it, it also suggested the best snacks combination which will give a better experience to have it. Immediately Alex bags the same snacks into the shopping cart.

Since plump cakes are in high demand, store has installed IoT sensors enabled vending machines in various section of the store. Anyone can just walk near it and select the kind of plump cake they want, and the vending machine immediately drops the same to the pickup window. Alex collects the cake and grocer and decides to bill it at the nearest billing counter.

He looks at his number in the token which he collected at the entrance while entering the store from the Queue management system. He finds he is due for doing the billing and hence he goes to the billing counter and gets all the products billed without and hassle with cloud-based magenta POS.

Alex feels happy with the entire shopping experience and on the way to exit he collects the iPhone and reaches the parking spot where his tesla was ready with a full charge. He gets into the car and drives back home.



Abhiseka Mohapatra

I am a story teller, love to write about Human behavior and keep observing things - how they change with time.