Abhiseka Mohapatra
1 min readFeb 5, 2023


Only balance sheet you should give more priority

We all are looking at the balance sheet in terms of materialistic gains.... We have so many assets and liabilities... With this balance sheet we tend to forget to put our karma....

But that doesn't mean it's not getting written or somebody writes it off..... Never ever assume that.... Karma is a balance sheet always counting each and every moment....

So put good ones to nullify or reduce the bad once..... Don't be materialistic blind, be spiritually enlightened always....

Help if you can
Speak kind words
Stay humble
Be grateful
Show gratitude
Chant names of Lord

Hormones will weather away.... Age will pass by.... Relationships will go away... Mortal life all these possible.... But keep krishna in heart, he will soothe you and eventually take you away from the cycle of maya called birth and death...

Imagine a place where you have a blissful life everywhere... That's vaikuntha... Where krishna lives.... So a similar miniature vaikuntha resides inside you too... As krishna said he is in every living being ❤ heart. ..

Soul searching should be with in....



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